arod system 1.2 : the next step in developing our range!

Building on the success encountered during the development of our range on the basis of our Technical material arod 1.0, we now needed a thicker material, in particular to develop our technical vests.

This is how our Technical material arod 1.2 was born, thicker and heavier, with an average weight of 240 g./m2.

A material still designed and manufactured in France, in Haute-Loire (43), with the same technical properties: breathable, but also thermoregulating and anti-odor permanently.

Fast drying.

No ironing.

By reading the following, you will understand how arod technical vests provide both technical performance and unique comfort!

A unique softness
We get this extraordinarily soft touch from the filaments' multitude and fineness. which compose the selected ultra-microfiber yarn. Every single filament that compose the selected ultra-microfiber yarn is 20 times thinner than a human hair !

We selected this fiber for its extreme fineness (there is no greater fineness) and for its respect of the environment (no soda treatment, which are highly polluting operations).

Breathable double-sided fabric

We do combine two technical fibers in a double-sided construction of the jersey. This synergy gives a very efficient de-perspiring property to arod garments.

Arod garments do not prevent you from sweating but, thanks ito the four-leaf clover-shaped filaments, the sweat wicks away immediately to the outside of the garment, where it evaporates quickly.

Despite the effort, you are not wet and the garment does not stick to your skin.

This combination of technical materials is so effective that the inside of the garment is already dry when you take it out of the washing machine!

A property that you will appreciate durng practicing your favorite sport, at work, or during leisure time.

Warm in cool weather AND fresh in warm weather.Warm in cool weather: selected fibers do reflect infra-red rays very well, that is to say the heat that our body emits, hence the pleasant sensation of heat in cool weather.
Cool in hot weather: this feeling of coolness in hot weather comes from three characteristics of arod clothing:
- a garment made from a 3-dimensional knitted fabric, which traps air and thus insulates against external heat.
- a bacteriostatic garment that limits the appearance of perspiration odours.
- a very effective antiperspirant effect so that, despite effort, the garment does not stick to the skin.

This thermoregulating effect has been tested and validated in extreme climatic conditions: at –30 ° c in the Himalayan mountains or in the heart of Jordanian, Moroccan or Nigerian deserts such as the Ténéré desert, where the temperature varies by + 40°c during the day to practically 0°c at night.

Permanent odor control
The selected mesh fabric is bacteriostatic. This means that it avoids bacterias' proliferation... what also means no body smell.

Many of the so-called antibacterial textiles found on the market are conventional fabrics to which a finish is applied. This solution is far from satisfactory, since these clothes lose their antibacterial property over time (and what happens to these finishes in our wastewater?).

We opted for a sustainable solution.

Our technical fabrics are not bactericidal (bactericidal: which kills all bacteria) but bacteriostatic (bacteriostatic: which moderates bacterial growth and reproduction of bacteria). Indeed, it is important not to destroy our own bacterial flora, which protects us.To summarize, silver ions, contained in the fiber, prevent the proliferation of bacteria and limit perspiration odors. Manufactured without chemical additives. A natural and durable method, validated in the laboratory for up to 100 washes.

Fast drying
Arod garments dry extremely quickly: you can easily wash your T-shirt in the evening and wear it the next morning.

It is ideal for hiking, sightseeing, motorhome drivers, etc. (to save weight and space in the backpack or suitcases!).

Do travel light.

No ironing
Because we prefer to know you outside rather than in front of an ironing board, easy care is one of our priorities !

Your comfort and well-being also go through this!Let arod garments dry on your clothesline, and let your iron... in the closet !

The result simply is impeccable.