Arod 5.0 Technology ... the assurance of staying dry, even when spending the day in the pouring rain !

There are a whole bunch of softshell jackets out there, but few are made from real performance materials. Either they take up water very quickly ... and we quickly understand why the price was so attractive ... or over time its waterproof capacities decrease ... the primers used deteriorate over time and with washing.

Here, everything is mechanical, and therefore durable over time.
A high performance membrane has been slipped between two layers of fabric to ensure you not only block rain and wind very effectively, but also let the moisture that your body can create with effort to escape.

Indeed, again, if you take a raincoat or a classic poncho, it is frustrating to find yourself soaked, not because the rain has gone through, but because of the lack of breathability of the fabric used. The condensation then ensures that you are as wet as if you had been standing in the rain without protection.

Try our softshell jacket and you will see the difference ...

We went to the quality laboratory of our supplier (knitting and dyeing), based in Isère (38) and carried out tests in situation in order to be sure and certain of all the qualities that we put forward with regard to our arod softshell jackets.

Water permeability> 5000 mm (ISO20811).

Finally, the zips used are waterproof, to make sure that the rain and the wind do not find fault!


39% Polyamide - 38% Polyester - 14% Elastane - 9% Polyurethan

Note the presence of elastane which provides great flexibility to the material.

Its stretch aspect will give you a pleasant feeling of freedom of movement.

Weight: 290 g./m2

Here again, the material remains fine so as not to feel constricted.

Technicality, Comfort, 100% French manufacturing ... our line of conduct is once again respected.