Arod 7.0 Technology brings THE solution for people looking for HEAT and COMFORT.

Composition: 100% Technical polyesters.

Weight: 230 g/m2.

Polyester Thermo Fresh gives a very high performance thermoregulating power to this material.
This effect is reinforced by the fact that the material is scraped (then shaved) on its inside, giving it an extraordinary softness and allowing the hot air to be trapped in contact with the skin.

Despite this, the material remains breathable.

It is also antibacterial, in order to effectively limit body odor.

All this comes from the know-how of our French knitters!
Origin: made in France

You can wear items made from this material either as a 1st layer, directly on the skin, or as a 2nd layer, on a breathable t-shirt.

Easy maintenance : machine wash at 40 ° c.