Arod 6.0 Technology tends towards a growing demand for natural materials.


50% of a very fine wool (only 17 microns). It is soft and does not itch. This is a super fleece, from Australia.

50% Polyester Drycot (a technical, breathable polyester).

The wool provides thermoregulating power and natural anti-odor.

The breathable polyester allows this technical fabric to evacuate sweat very quickly to the outside of the garment.

Weight: only 150 g./m2.
The material is soft and light ... which does not prevent it from protecting you effectively against the cold.

Origin: Made in France
The knitting and dyeing of this technical material takes place in the Loire (42).

The quality of the fibers selected and the synergy obtained by the way they are assembled gives arod clothing made from this technical fabric many qualities. In particular, they will be ideal for protecting you from the cold in winter.