OPINEL knife N°8 Outdoor ADOOR Green


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N°08 Outdoor is the new generation of Opinel knives intended for sporting activities at sea or in the mountains.

Color : Green

Robust 8.5cm blade
(stainless steel)

Bi-material handle,
with a 110dB power whistle integrated

Shackle opener for 4 to 10 mm shackles

Made in France

Sandvik stainless steel :

Bi-material handle with fiberglass-reinforced polyamide and elastomer polyamide:
Resistance to extreme temperatures (-40 to 80 °C) and humidity
Whistle with a power of 110 dB integrated to the handle

Robust 8.5cm blade (2.5mm thick)
Rope-cutter with the serrated part
Shackle opener for 4 to 10 mm shackles

With Virobloc double safety ring

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